Artistic metalworking

Artistic metalworking

Specialized in artistic metalworks, the atelier continues an aesthetic tradition and know-how that has created the worldwide reputation of French style. Materials such as bronze, steel, nickel and even titanium are treated with mastery in the creations for interior design.

Among his references are big names of architecture located in the heart of Paris and abroad. Innovation: he recently developed a new process following a client’s request: metal flooring.

Site web :  www.steavenrichard.fr

Ceramic Creations

Ceramic Creations

Creating ceramics is, for Claire Fréchet, a way of life rather than, simply, a technique. Her searching soul, a certain rigor and her joyful complicity with the elements paved her way to a singular artistic path. Claire Fréchet develops her creations in the field of collections which are all signed with the artist unique gestures. All the creations are the result of her balance quest between simple and graceful forms and amazing textures.

Claire Fréchet also proposes made-to-measure creations within the scope of her collections such as Spaceberry, Aurora Mineralis, Meteors and Albanegra.

Site web : http://claire-frechet.com

Scent, fragrance, perfume, olfactory…

Scent, fragrance, perfume, olfactory branding, signature scent

Expert and focusing on the marketing of scents, we design and create unique and dedicated fragrances as an esthetic scent signature for brand strategical concepts.We offer a global synergy among multiple scented supports, of which we control the production, in accordance with the fragrance created (air diffusion, candles, body sprays, cosmetic products, paper, stickers, USB keys, ect.). Finally, through scent marketing we can develop a line of products under your own brand : perfumes, cosmetics, candles (amenities).

Our international références : Mercedes Benz, Le Royal Hôtel, Paul Bocuse, Airport Montpellier Méditerranée, L’arbre Blanc from Fujimoto…

Everything is hand-made in France, customized, upon request and very exclusive, to make your place a very special place!

Site web : www.arthurdupuy.com

Wood Works


Trained at the École Boulle, among other schools, we use traditional methods with innovative techniques and materials. Specialized in working with wood and its derivatives, we apply a varied set of techniques that allow us to meet the vision of designers and vendors for their projects.

A studio with multiple facets: furniture creation and research, prototyping, micro and limited series, as well as custom made pieces. The «custom made» is not limited to the simple dimensions of furniture, and to respond to the requests of individuals and collectors we integrate a design cell in our workshop.

The latter, allows us to turn words into images and to translate ideas into the most ambitious interior design projects.

Site web : www.arca-ebenisterie.fr

EAU et Qatar – Nov 2015

Individual Mission at Qatar and the Emirates

UAE and Qatar – Oct 2015

Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha – more than 40 business meeting in the Interior Design, Architecture, Fashion and Hospitality/Spa sectors.

Paris – M&O and Salon RÉVÉLATIONS

September 8-10 2015: Business Trip to Paris – M&O, CRMA IDF meeting and Salon RÉVÉLATIONS

Gulf Zone

Collective missions to Qatar, Kuwait, the Emirates, Bahrein, KSA and Oman

United States

Miami, Florida: First edition of Maison&Objet Americas

Stained Glass


The artist has a unique skill, being recognized as Meilleur Ouvrier de France. The Atelier has worked in traditional and modern projects worldwide since 1984, producing stained glass and glass painting for interior design and decoration.

With the use of antique glass almost exclusively and traditional painting techniques, such as grisaille and enamels, they produce all sorts of figurines or ornamental designs. In addition, the artist is able to do the copy of antique pieces and their restoration.

Site web :  www.vitrail-ateliersaintdidier.com