Unique Wall Creation


Talented artist and decorator, both a plastician and a colourist, she shares her taste for the beauty of natural materials by creating unique atmospheres on monumental canvases or wallpapers. The artist combines ancestral knowledge and the most innovative techniques in her designs. Among her passions are the fusion of materials, the rhythm of colors, and the transparency of light.

Reference work: Collaboration with Louis Vuitton (30 outlets) and cooperation with prestigious architects such as Peter Marino, Louis Bradley and Kelly Hoppen. Unique Wall Creation projects can be seen in major cities including Paris, Miami, Toronto, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Moscow, Tokyo, Kuwait City, Seoul, Venice and Berlin.

Site web :  www.fabiennefabre.com

Orpheon’s group interior design creations

Orpheon Group

A unique atmosphere and an orchestrated coherence emanate from this incomparable union. Orpheon orchestrates with elegance and precision, a perfect interior space harmony. From now on, the bedroom, the living room, the bathroom and each room are lived and appreciated as a symphony, in which each note and each chord coordinates in perfect symbiosis with the next one.
Orpheon,creator of interior harmony;

Site web: www.groupe-orpheon.com

Brot mirrors (luxury mirrors) Site web: www.miroirbrot.fr
Modelec (light switch) Site web: www.modelec.com
Specimen Editions (limited design edition)
Site web:

Wallpapers & Wall Panels


For over 20 years, the artist has been creating a wide collection of wallpapers, panoramic panels, mirrors and objects under his trademark. The creations are made using a unique procedure of oxidation and corrosion of golden, copper, silver and aluminium leaves.

With gilded leaf paper he has been able to express his creative spirit in the most spectacular fashion. This set of original techniques provides specific effects and surprising colors to his collections.

Has collaborated with Cartier, Paul & Joe, Vuitton, Piaget, among others.

Site web :  www.ulgador.com