Scent, fragrance, perfume, olfactory branding, signature scent

Expert and focusing on the marketing of scents, we design and create unique and dedicated fragrances as an esthetic scent signature for brand strategical concepts.We offer a global synergy among multiple scented supports, of which we control the production, in accordance with the fragrance created (air diffusion, candles, body sprays, cosmetic products, paper, stickers, USB keys, ect.). Finally, through scent marketing we can develop a line of products under your own brand : perfumes, cosmetics, candles (amenities).

Our international références : Mercedes Benz, Le Royal Hôtel, Paul Bocuse, Airport Montpellier Méditerranée, L’arbre Blanc from Fujimoto…

Everything is hand-made in France, customized, upon request and very exclusive, to make your place a very special place!

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